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Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Research Center (ESCC-RC)


ESCC-RC undertakes environmental sustainability research and development and consultancy work for industries, community organizations, research institutions, and government agencies. We purpose to undertake collaborative and multidisciplinary research and transfer knowledge and technology for sustainable production.

Research and Development Activities

  • Clean / low cost lighting and cooking energy technologies - gasifier technology; focuses on development of clean cooking stoves, safety & performance testing of stoves and emissions testing and monitoring. 
  • Green and Circular Economy initiatives– cleaner production; 3R initiative (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle); 
  • Green Manufacturing to enhance industrial competitiveness; focuses on materials, water and energy flows assessments in industries to establish utilization efficiencies along the various stages of production or processing lines and help implement efficient and clean solutions.

Other areas of focus include: -

  • Waste minimization and management in industries (social impact assessment, solid waste management and waste water management)
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Carbon footprint determination and monitoring.
  • Development of policies integrating biophysical, social and economic systems, with industrial processes.
  • Environmental impact assessments and audits for industrial and other projects.