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Energy Resources and Energy Efficiency Research Center (EREE-RC)


EREERC undertakes market driven research and development, testing and product development/improvement and transfer of Renewable Energy technologies. Our aim is to take lead in the quest for sustainable energy solutions through dedicated Research and Development (R&D) and transferring findings support accelerated uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the country.

Research and Development Activities

  • Accredited laboratories for research, testing and capacity building on cookstoves, biogas and energy efficiency (electrical appliances, motors and lighting);
  • Development of renewable / green energy resources and technologies (solar, wind, hydropower, bioenergy) in the energy matrix 
  • Waste to-energy technologies (WtE technologies) – industrial (bagasse), municipal and agricultural waste
  • Clean cooking fuels and technologies – solid biomass fuels (wood, briquettes, agro-waste), liquid biomass (bioethanol, biodiesel), gaseous fuels (biogas, hydrogen) 
  • Consultancy services on energy management and audits, feasibility studies (mini-hydro plants)
  • Capacity building – biogas, cook stoves, energy management

Biomass Research Laboratory and Testing Center 

The stove testing laboratory is equipped with Laboratory Emissions Monitoring (LEMS) equipment. We conduct performance assessment of clean cook stoves and advice on technical areas of improvement and work closely with Kenya Bureau of Standards in the development and review of cook stoves standards. 

This laboratory provides services to industries for water boiling tests; determination of emissions and efficiencies; safety test; controlled cooking test. 

Energy Efficiency Laboratory

The Energy Efficiency Laboratory has an Inertial Dynamometer System (IDS) for assessment of performance of industrial motors; Spectroradiometer/Integrating Sphere system for study and analysis of general service electric lamps; and modern portable equipment for on-site measurements and assessment in accordance to the energy management standards. 

Biogas Laboratory

The laboratory undertakes analytical work on biogas feedstock, gas and digestate. Analysis Services offered by the laboratory include; biomethane potential analysis; digestate analysis and biogas composition. The laboratory is used as a pilot for biogas production optimization and for hands - on training on biogas technology. more