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The main objective of EICT-RC is to provide engineering solutions by undertaking quality industrial research in, mechanical, electrical, electronics, mechatronics and ICT.

 Mission Statement

To carry out Engineering and ICT research and transfer innovative technologies for national industrialization and social economic development.

 Areas of Focus

The center offers engineering and consultancy services through engineering designs, production of machines, tools, industrial spare parts and transfer of research outputs/technologies

  1. Engineering and ICT Research

Our research focus is on embedded systems, cloud computing, software engineering, bioinformatics, ICT modeling, high performance computing, software development, robotics, internet of things (IOT); electronic automation and digitization of machines; research in development of strong, light weight and cost effective engineering materials and also in design and development of micro and mini hydro power and distributed electricity grids.

  1. Engineering design

The center utilizes software such as AutoCAD, Pro-engineer and Solid-works systems to design for manufacture and develop creative engineering solutions. Application of computer aided engineering (CAE) analysis, simulation and control reduces product development cost and time, improves product quality and durability and facilitates mass production. EICT-RC also offers technical consultancy services in engineering product design.  

  1. Production of machines, tools and industrial spare parts

EICTRC has a common production facility that specializes in engineering designs, material selection, machining, fabrication and maintenance activities. The center also offers specialized engineering and technical support in the manufacture of metal products sector such as; designing and developing products such as gears, shafts, bushings, pins, dies, molds, wheels, selected non-metallic components as well as packaging products and reconditioning tools, dies, jigs and fixtures, developing industrial processing equipment and machine prototypes; installation, testing and commissioning of machines.

  1. Transfer of research outputs/technologies

Services offered include: -

  • Provision of training in specialized engineering skills;
  • Technical consultancy and extension services that address issues of productivity, quality and competitiveness of industrial products;
  • Engineering and incubation services to industries.

Quality control commitment of EICTRC

  • Ensuring components, products and services conform to customer needs, relevant standard specifications and requirements.
  • Ensuring that only materials of acceptable quality and calibrated measuring tools are used to minimize wastage and rework.
  • Carrying out prototype development for internal and external clients and continuously improving on them.
  • Following up on the performance of machines supplied to client; Plan for M&E to monitor on the performance of machines with the view of continuous improvement
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