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Role of KIRDI in Vision 2030

KIRDI`S role in Vision 2030 is through the Economic Pillar, Manufacturing Sector

Vision for the Manufacturing Sector is the development of robust, diversified and competitive manufacturing by focusing on the three strategic thrusts namely: (i) Local Production; (ii) Regional Management Expansion; and (iii) Global Market Niche.

KIRDI A Vision 2030 Flagship Project:

Through Transformation of KIRDI into a World Class Research Institution, as a flagship project, we continue to play a critical role in:

Facilitating technology transfer to MSME’s

Improving product design and promoting product innovations in the different resource areas of the country

development, dissemination and commercialization of technology for industry including reverse engineering (tear-down

Support of the 5k (KEBS, KIRDI, KIPI, KIE, KNTC) MSE 2030 programme aimed at addressing issues of productivity, quality and competitiveness of MSME products through provision of technology, design, product development, standardization, protection, patenting and innovation.

Strengthening linkages among research institutions and industry,

supporting innovative schemes for MSME’s

enhancing capacity building for incubator programmes

KIRDI will continue to play its critical role in the actualization and implementation of strategies for industrialization in close liaison with the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Cooperatives and other key players.