The energy division is charged with the responsibility of researching, designing and developing energy efficient technologies as well as championing the growth of bio-fuels and renewable energies as alternative sources of energy.

Proposed and on-going projects

Energy division is currently involved in several projects including:

  • The study of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) opportunities in edible oil and leather industries.

  • Characterization of municipal solid wastes and determination of landfill gas generation potentials.

  • Development of Powdered fuel burner – for Agricultural wastes combustion.

  • Solar Water heater.

  • Study on Mini-Hydro potential in Western Region of Kenya.

  • Brick drying and use of energy efficient kilns.

  • Development of energy infrastructure – Energy Laboratory for the 21st Century.

  • Biodiesel processor development, biogas generation from fish wastes, solar dryers and Fabrication of low cost thermosyphon solar water heater.

  • Nyongara Biogas Project

  • Evaluating the performance of selected Thermosyphon Solar Water heaters in the Kenyan Market 

Consultancy projects

Nutritional value determination of solar panel dried omena compared to open sun dried omena for GTZ – PSDA stoves clusters.

Biogas generation potential, COD, pH and sulfide concentration determination from tea factory effluents - for Reliance limited.

These should lead to collaborative projects on renewable energies in agriculture and industrial wastes utilization respectively. 


The energy division is also engaged in partnership development and collaborative projects with donor communities. Some of the collaborative/partnership projects that we hope to do/start include:

  • Capacity enhancement of local artisans on biomass energy efficient technologies dissemination in transmara district.

  • Small hydro – in western Kenya and

  • Solar tobacco curing.

  • Potential partners/Collaborators/Donors in the energy projects

  • Ministry of Trade and Industry (line ministry)

  • GTZ – PSDA

  • Finnish Embassy


  • UNDP – SGP

  • Ministry of Energy

  • World Bank – Carbon Finance

  • The Agakhan Foundation (AKF)